Project HEARD: Project HEARD is an international resource that will ultimately include a full Holocaust Education Activism Resource Database

Project HEARD will create resources and apps that will serve to promote clarity and prevent the whitewashing of the true Holocaust history.

The deliverables created will also offer free resources for teachers and educators as well as a regularly updated database of entertainment, news and grants for anyone interested in learning about or teaching the history of the Holocaust.

Through ongoing dialogue using various social media streams, in-person and on-campus events, private gatherings as well as conferences and speaking engagements, Project HEARD will also work to ​create a hub for all information related to the history of the Holocaust. Artistic endeavors including art exhibits, readings, books and films; changing laws and antisemitism, information on sharing the truth when faced with whitewashing and more.

The ultimate mission is to educate, inform, promote, and advise groups and individuals on how best to honor their heritage and preserve the true facts related to the deportation of the Jews, the Final Solution, life in the camps, collaboration and righteous among nations and more, to be housed under the umbrella of HEARD.

Additionally, there will be a strong emphasis on Holocaust Education, Activism, Resources in their neighborhoods, counties, cities, states, country, and in the future, world.

The work of Project HEARD encompasses several elements including ​acting as a watchdog to changing laws, language and perception both nationally and internationally and ​on the local level based on strategizing and efforts, and programs by other organization, agency, city, state, and country such as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom Hashoah, initiatives and ​Holocaust related organizations who exist to promote and disseminate the truth and not ​​softened versions of the actions of collaborators during WWII. ​

Additionally, the development and implementation of a unified ​series of marketing efforts, contests, sweepstakes and initiatives​ that will serve to promote and publicize The Holocaust Project database, while sharing the vision of HEARD.

​Based on changing laws and rising anti-Semitism both nationally and internationally,​ HEARD Founders and creators believe ​it crucial to easily and seamlessly increase the ​ability for all schools to have a mandated Holocaust and genocide studies program with special emphasis on tackling issues of revisionism.

  • Targeting public and private sector resources
  • Raising community, State, National, International awareness, education, and activism opportunities relating/about (the truth??? how do we phrase this? ) Holocaust information
  • Encouraging involvement in the process of r​aising public awareness and encouraging community participation, ​and updates
  • Promoting ​monthly, yearly and long-term initiatives to encourage exchange of information, awareness, education, entertainment, and activism opportunities.
  • Enhanced capabilities (derived from these initiatives will ultimately support integrated planning) (and policy setting?) (for all aspects of governance, including ​highlights in Eastern Europe, Israel and the United States.
  • Programs HEARD will collaborate with other ​Holocaust related agencies, donors and private corporations through numerous outreach methods that will include both work groups and task forces that assist in planning efforts and help to inform the HEARD information gathering and sharing process.

In addition HEARD will ​create an advisory board to govern any output or documentation, press materials and more sharing resources. There will also be regular networking events & conference opportunities​ both nationally and internationally to constantly monitor, share and update all information and updates.

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